Board of Directors

PDCI’s Board consists of the Directors of its 20 members from 20 countries who meet together twice a year at PDCI General Assembly.  The Executive Committee within the Board consists of five Directors who are actively engaged in PDCI stategic development and in implementation of PDCI work plan to ensure the organization’s success. The chair of the Executive Committee is the President of PDCI who represents the association in all official and legal matters.

From 2006 to 2012 the President of PDCI was Dr. Daniela Kolarova, founding Director of PDCI.

In October 2012 Julia Roig, President of Partners for Democratic Change, USA, was elected President of PDCI and Chair of the Executive Committee.

PDCI Board of Directors:


Juliana Hoxha

Director of Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management


Jimena Psathakis, Pablo Lumerman

Directors of  Foundation Cambio Democratico  Argentina


Gabriela Asmar

Director of Partners Brazil – Center for Collaborative Processes


Dr.Daniela Kolarova

Director of Partners Bulgaria Foundation

 (founding Director and President of PDCI  2006-2012)


Oscar Gaitan

Director of Partners Colombia for Democratic Change


Dr. Dana Rabiňáková

Director of Partners Czech, o.p.s.

 (founding Director of PDCI)


Sofiko Shubladze

Director of Partners-Georgia, Center for Change and Conflict Management


Eva Deak

Director of Partners Hungary Foundation

 (Execitive Committee Member)


Eva Rodríguez Bellegarrigue

Director of Transformando Conflictos- Partners El Salvador


Raja Hiyari

Director of Partners Jordan Center for Civic Collaboration

(Executive Committee Member)


Shukrie Gashi

Director of Partners Kosova – Center for Conflict Management


Sylvia Aquilera

Director of Partners Mexico  Centro de Colaboración Cívica, A.C.

(Executive Committee Member)


Carlos Salazar

Director of Socios Perú/Centro de Colaboración Cívica


Maciej Tański

Director of Partners Poland Foundation


Ana Vasilache, President,  Olivia Baciu, Director

Partners Foundation for Local Development

(Ana Vasilache – Vice-President of the Executive Committee)


Oury Traore

Director of Partners West Africa


Blazo Nedic

Director of Partners for Democratic Change Serbia


Dr. Dušan Ondrušek, President,  Karolina Mikova, Director

Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia


May Nasr

Director of Partners Yemen


Julia Roig

President, Partners for Democratic Change USA

(President of PDCI 2012-2014)