Gender Equality

PDCI programs seek to ensure the equal treatment of men and women with respect to their rights, in legislation and policies as well as in providing equal access to and control of resources and services within the family and society. PDCI is committed to identify the different needs, concerns, and expectations, of men and women that are rooted in and influenced by cultural ideas about gender roles, capacities and responsibilities. To mainstream a gender perspective, PDCI conducts assessments, asking relevant questions in order to obtain the information required for planning, programming, monitoring and other processes.


Connecting and Empowering Women CSOs in the Western Balkans Working on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality 

PDCI in collaboration with Partners Kosovo, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, and the Women’s Civic Initiative ANTICO in Macedonia are implementing this multi-country project to connect and empower Women CSOs in the Western Balkans. The project is designed to increase awareness among municipal authorities and marginalized women leaders about gender equality and women’s rights, while building women leaders’ capacity to develop initiatives and engage in transnational partnerships with other similar CSOs.


Using targeted trainings, PDCI and our local partners are enhancing municipal and CSO awareness of legal frameworks and public policies related to gender equality, anti-discrimination, and equal opportunity.  Through our activities, we are increasing the capacities of marginalized women leaders to identify obstacles to women’s participation and develop empowerment strategies to overcome them. In order to create cross-fertilization of ideas and best practices, we are facilitating partnerships between marginalized women from different communities in the Western Balkans. Through these activities, women participants will become better advocates for themselves in their communities and take a more active role in decision-making processes.


In the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program (WEEP), PDCI and Partners-Kosovo successfully increased awareness about existing legal frameworks to protect women’s economic rights and enabled women to participate in economic development in Kosovo. By working with municipal authorities and female civil society leaders from among marginalized groups, WEEP built the skills and knowledge capacity of women to develop and implement sustainable economic initiatives. Training and activities supported women in developing the confidence and skills to participate in broader civic decision-making processes.


Spotlight on Results:

  •  More than 300  women participated in capacity building trainings on subjects ranging from anti-discrimination, human rights, and gender equality to project management;
  •  Women have been provided with tools and resources to develop local business initiatives.
  •  12 Cooperative planning sessions to identify community needs and 12 Action Plans developed to guide participating communities.
  •  Women groups – municipal cooperation have been developed to ensure more gender sensitive local policies and practices.